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  • Privacy Policy

    03:34:27 09/11/2017
    1. 1. Purpose and Scope of collection
          • - Collection includes information of name, phone number, email, address
            - Collection will be did by third party system such as: Fasbooking (Fastbooking.com), Onepay. Please access https://www.myxcaliber.com/web/privacy-policy.html to see more about Privacy policy
            - The information are used to support customer within make reservation and assistance
            - Customer is responsible for timing inform us if there is illegal use, abuse, violation of confidential information of the third party to take appropriate measures.
    2. Scope of Information using: The Company uses the information for:
    - Serving customer
    - To inform
    - Contact and support customer
    - Don’t using guest information without website purposes
    - In case of legal requirements: The company has the responsibility to cooperate to provide personal information of customer upon request from the judiciary, including the Procuracy, the Court, the Public security organs investigated related to law violation of the customer. Also, no one has the right to infringe on this information
    1. 3. Duration
          • - Personal information of customer will be storage until having delete requirement. Also, all personal information will be storage without duration on website system.
    1. 4.  The Company address
    2. Sea Links City Ltd.,
      - Address: Km9, Nguyen Thong str., Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam.
      - Phone: (+84) 252 3 741 777
    1. 5.  Requirement and Reclamation
      1. - Customer has right to request us amend, update or delete personal information
        - Customer has right to complain website via contact info. The Company is responsible to timely check, confirm and resolve this complaint to customer

    1. 6.  Personal information security
          • Personal information of customer is secured:
            - Absolute security upon Law regulation.
            - Don’t provide, transfer for third party without customer agreement
            - In the event of hacker attacking website that results in personal data loss, we will, in our capacity, limit to the minimum possible risks and report the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and warning to customer.
            - Customer is responsible to provide the right personal information including name, address, phone, email,…. The Company is neither responsible nor liable for any complaints relating to the interests of such member if we consider that all of the personal information of that member is inaccurate.